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Top Dividend ETFs


Special Report: Top Dividend ETFs

Oct 25, 2019

Billionaire Mark Cuban has said a lot of smart things, but his take on dividend stocks could be one of his best. Investors buy and sell stocks all the time and for many different reasons. But for those stocks that don’t reward their shareholders with steady dividend payments, the idea is often to simply “pass the buck” and hope that someone is willing to pay more for shares than you did. There’s nothing wrong with that approach and it can pay benefits.

Dividends, however, offer something tangible.

Which is why, here at Dividend.com, we are proud to announce our new special report that aims at helping investors choose the best ETFs for their income portfolios. Our report delves into the world of dividend-focused ETFs, their underlying strategies and selects the top performers. We do the research so that advisors and individual investors can simply sit back, select the ETF that works for their portfolio and reap the benefits. And as an ongoing report, Dividend.com will be able to highlight the various trends in dividend investing as fund flows and strategies change. That way, investors and advisors can adjust their portfolios accordingly.

Read the report now.