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Stock market rally


Where’s The Dividend Value Rally?

Aaron Levitt Feb 20, 2020

Arguably, one of the biggest stories of last year involved the return of value investing. As Warren Buffett likes to say “price is what you pay, value is what you get.” And at the end of last year investors started to demand more from their holdings. Thanks to a variety of issues like the trade war, slowing growth and overall geopolitical uncertainty, investors started to shun stocks with high valuations in favor of those with a higher margin of safety – out were high-flying momentum stocks and in came boring, steady growers.

For dividend investors, this was wonderful news. Value stocks have long been a top place to find extra yield and they were finally able to get some decent capital appreciation.

Unfortunately, it looks like the shift to value may already be over. Growth is on the table and it’s starting to significantly outperform value. For dividend investors, this poses a problem and underscores the fact that they still need a hefty dose of growth in their portfolios.

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